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ARY News Har Lamha Bakhabar Ary News channel in Urdu and English, ARY News has a large audience and one main competitor of Geo News, it was previously known as ARY one World. ARY News Live, people can watch live ary news streaming,  ARY News Urdu is a Dubai based Pakistani news channel, ARY News TV launched in 26-sep-2004. current affair programs with prominent Pakistani journalists are the strength of ARY News.

Ary News Har Lamha Bakhabar
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ary newsARY Urdu News is a part of the ARY digital network, which is a subsidiary of ARY group. its program mix covers all the genres of news and infotainment, and most of its programs are presented by top international anchors such as pj mir, nasrullah malik, ayaz amir, qurat ul ain hassan, farah farooq, sadaf abdul jabbar, kashif abbasi, wasim badami, iqrar ul hassan and asima shirazi.

ARY News has exclusive correspondents in almost all major capitals around the globe. it is one of the first dedicated international news channels in Pakistan. ARY News network of over 500 reporters and correspondents in Pakistan, a major international networks as exclusive partners for the exchange of news, information and other technical facilities. the channel also maintains a rich archive library with exclusive footage.

ARY News accepted the conditions of Pakistan Government when its owners signed the new PEMRA ordinance and coverage resumed on 22-nov-2007. One important condition was that channel would not present any argument, whether from public or from opposition politicians, against the current Government. many human rights were cancelled due to this Government act.


ARY News Popular programme:

Khara SachKhara Sach with Mubashir Luqman is in Interesting Political Show on ARY News with Allows Guest to Appear From Different Parts of the Country and Debate on Various National Issues. Khara Sach is an intriguing one-on-one talk show filled with edgy questions and ground realities./ Khara Sach is presented by famous anchor (Mubasher Lucman) who was hosting previously Khari Baat Lucman Ke Saath./ Mubasher Lucman is back with its new talk show Khara Sach after being suspended by Dunya Tv./

Off The RecordOff The Record on ARY News, Off the Record Talk Shows by Kashif Abbasi. Off The Record the talk show that lighten up on Current Affairs in Political Area. The Show is hosted by Kashif Abbasi he invites three guest of different school of thoughts to carry on the show Kashif Abbasi question them, they answer.

The Morning ShowThe Morning Show With Sanam Baloch on ARY News.

Sar-e-AamSar-e-Aamwith Iqrar ul Hassan on ARYNews crime Exposed show.

Sawal Yeh HaiSawal Yeh Hai with Dr. Danish

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