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Dunya News TV Khabar Ki Dunya
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dunya news logoDunya News or Dunya News TV is a Pakistani Urdu language news and current affairs television channel. Dunya News Network is governed and operated by National Communication services SMC Pvt. Ltd. The head office of Dunya News in Lahore.
Dunya News TV is first channel of the Network arising out of the chaos created by blurred ideologies, questionable loyalties, unclear objectives and in a number of cases, half truth. Our channel springs out of the void that has been created by the claims in the name of freedom of expression.
Dunya News channel possesses the energy to capture the ebullience of contemporary spirit by bringing you perspectives, news and views. Pakistan's emerging electronic media today, give it hope and an opportunity to be a cut above the ordinary by setting standards to ensure the real purpose of news, which is to inform and present the true picture. This allows for the viewers to truly understand the dynamics of news and views based on issues that need attention. Dunya News takes the challenge to bring back, News the way News should be-Active, Aware and Accurate, thereby facilitating the viewers in forming a worldview and develop critical thinking. It is an effort to encourage people to think objectively.


  • Zeeshan bashir
  • Ayesha Naz
  • Junaid Saleem
  • Iqra Shahzad
  • Muhammad Ajmal Jami
  • Tariq Mateen
  • Salman Hassan
  • Uzma Nauman
  • madiha fakhar
  • Ayesha Zulfiqar
  • Rehman Azhar

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Khabar Ki Dunya
December 1, 2008
Mian Amer Mehmood
8-A, Abbot Road, Lahore
Broadcast area
South Asia

Intelsat-20 68.5 E 

4150 Mhz.

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