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Geo News geo aur jeenay du, operated by Jang Group. Geo Urdu News broadcasting in November 2005, live geo news Show HD Urdu news streaming in Pakistan and has millions of Urdu-language viewers around the world.

GEO News Pakistan Geo Aur Jeenay Du
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geo-news-liveGeo news live channel started its Test transmission on 14-Aug-2002 and regular transmission in Oct-2002. Geo is an Urdu word which translates to “live on” in English. Geo news urdu is one of the most popular TV channel in Pakistan. It is mostly popular for it's show Khabar naak. Since its launch, Geo News has tested the bounds of freedom of expression in Pakistan to unprecedented levels in the country’s history. This has also put Geo News in numerous conflicts with the Pakistan Government.
Geo Urdu News started out with its flagship channel Geo TV, but has since launched several other channels which include the following: GEO Entertainment, GEO News, GEO Super and AAG TV. GEO News will be the voice of freedom from the Asian subcontinent. Geo News Live TV will highlight the issues of concern and the cultural richness of its people through information, discussion and entertainment. GEO News will propagate transparency of responsibility that will ensure its position as the most credible and meaningful source of information, through quality programming based on issues. GEO News will provide entertainment audiences can relate to, thereby creating viewer loyalty and response. GEO News will forge an alliance amongst its three stakeholders - viewers, advertisers and shareholders to maximize viewer ownership. GEO News will invest in human resources as it recognizes it to be the foundation upon which the GEO future will be built. It is this very foundation that will allow GEO News to attain and sustain a leadership position, thus fulfilling the promise associated with its creation.

Geo News Popular programme:

  • Capital Talk is a flagship GEO News program which is a one-hour debate on current events hosted by Hamid Mir. It is broadcast four days a week on GEO News. Launched in 2002, it is the oldest current events program in Pakistan.
  • Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath was a Pakistani television current affairs talk show broadcasting on Geo News every Monday to Friday. The show was hosted by Kamran Khan, directed by Junaid Mumtaz and produced by Asmat Malik.
  • Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain is a political satire show, which features funny segments on Pakistani political issues. It is hosted by Saba Qamar, Fiza Ali & Mehwish Hayat, the show is now divided into the 3 versions the first one is Midweek Version Hosted by Mehwish Hayat, 2nd one is Extra Version Hosted By Fiza Ali, 3rd Show of The Week is Weekend Version Hosted by Saba Qamar Earlier this show was also hosted by Veena Malik, Sara Chaudry, Hira Salman, Kiran Tabeer, Mathira & Arisha Razi .

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