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Geo TV or Geo Entertainment television is Pakistani largest drama serials channel, Har Pal Geo TV start in may-2002 owned by Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman.

GEO TV Har Pal Geo
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geo-tv-logoGeo is an Urdu word in english live on. GEO TV was established in May 2002 Test transmission started on 14th August 2002 on the PAS 10 digital satellite Regular transmission started on 1st October 2002 Geo TV is the first South Asian Urdu language channel to provide content comparable with world-class television broadcasters Geo is the fastest growing TV Channel in Pakistan with ratings exceeding all satellite delivered TV channels in the market Geo has the widest distribution on cable systems in Pakistan with 100% carriage within 90 days of launch.
Geo TV broadcast facilities are based at Dubai Media City in the United Arab Emirates. Its uplink teleport station is Samacom, the uplink provider in the UAE. Geo TV is currently being aired on Asiasat 7.
Newsroom Automation Service
GEO TV has state-of-the-art newsroom computer system designed to meet the challenges of today's dynamic news environment. A powerful and comprehensive news production system, it can be customized for use by everyone - from small news channels with just one broadcast a day, to 24-hour, multi-channel news networks. It grasps and connects all the elements of news operations. Newsgathering, feeds, wires, scripts, rundowns, archives, contacts, video browser, on air schedules, personal work spaces, staffing and much more created and formatted to meet individual requirements.
Graphics System
GEO Graphic system using is the leader in real-time digital graphics, integrated enterprise content management and distribution tools for visual communication. Its tools enable organizations to create their message once and deliver it simultaneously to different media with major economies in production and increased impact. Systems Products and solutions are used by major broadcast television networks, Internet portals, museums and universities around the world. It produce software that enables the creation and distribution of rich visual content for broadcast graphics, virtual environments and quantitative visualization and information display across networks that are delivered to different media platforms, including television, interactive television, the Internet, and Wireless Application Protocol.

Geo Dost

Geo Dost in english Geo Friends is a Geo TV portal that offers ordinary citizens the chance to report the news, whether it be funny or serious.

Geo TV Popular programme:

Aap Ki Kaneez

Aap Ki Kaneez: A successful marriage requires falling in love many times with the same person, over and over again. But there is always an unusual story to tell.

Shah Mir Afandi lost his wife while she was giving birth to their daughter Parniyan 12 years ago, but the love that he felt for her when he laid his eyes on her for the first time is still there. When they got married Sheerin was a divorcee with a 13 year boy Shah Zar from her first marriage.

Bashar MominBashar Momin:Rudaba is an innocent girl who is engaged to her father’s friend and neighbor Buland Bukhtiar. Buland lives in America and works for World Bank. One day Rudaba and Buland’s father are at the sea view and dies in a robbery.


 ChhotiChhoti: the story of an Eight year old girl (Najiah/Jia), who is forcefully left, by her own mother (Rasheeda) at Begum Usman’s house to work day and night and to play with Usman & Naila’s daughter Pinky.



 Chhoti Chhoti KhushyianChhoti Chhoti Khushyian:This soap talks about the highs and lows of our society. It tells the difference between the good and the bad. We all know that every human being has wishes which are fine until they become obsessions. The story is about how these innocent small wishes become huge greedy fixations.

 Inaam GharInaam Ghar: Inaam Ghar is a family entertainment game show that would bring together people from all aspects of life. It is a program that would celebrate happiness. It is a way out, a light of hope, a chance of rainbows and smiles for everyone.



 IqraarIqraar: Any much married man would never approve of polygamy but living in an unpredictable world one can never be too sure!Shabaz and Shiza are celebrating their matrimonial bliss to its optimum.



Khuda Ger Dil Main HoKhuda Ger Dil Main Ho: A Telefilm highlighting huge difference between two sisters one living in America and the other in Pakistan in terms of their thinking, closeness to religion and behavioral differences. One of them is very close to the religion Islam while the other is completely the opposite.


Ladoon Mein PalliLadoon Mein Palli: Laraib a girl so innocent that she is unaware of her ravishing exquisiteness, beauty and good looks hidden behind her childish yet loving attitude, jokes and pranks aimed towards her family. Pampered by the elders and loved by her cousins, all Laraib has received is affection from her relatives, little did she knew about the challenging future awaits her.


 Mann Ke MotiMann Ke Moti: The serial tells the story of a woman (Faria) who is living the life that every woman dreams about except some economical constraints. She has a loving husband three adorable kids and a very understanding mother-in-law. The dream is shattered when her husband (Faisal Qureshi) decides to travel illegally abroad and is killed while crossing the border, now Faria is left alone to protect her kids from the harsh realities of life and to share the pain of a loved one with her mother-in-law, initially all her struggles go down the drain, then is forcefully married to another man not as a wife but only as a caretaker to a kid from his first marriage.

Meri MaaMeri Maa:The Soap Meri Maa is a story revolving around the family of Mr. Sultan and their love for a daughter, but God had other plans neither the eldest son and the daughter-in-law Yusuf & Fatima nor the other brother Rehan & Nimra had daughter as their 1st child, but Fatima’s 2nd child is a daughter the 1st girl in the family. The story takes a new turn after her birth.

RasamRasam:Amber and Ali are the two protagonists who studied and now doing their house job as doctors in the same hospital. The two were in love with each other and therefore the families decide to do the Nikah ceremony and the reception to be held after the completion of their house jobs.


RukhsatiRukhsati: After her father’s untimely death Maliha has to take care of her three young sisters and a brother and it’s her who had to marry an elderly guy so she could help her sisters and brother financially. But in the end it’s her very own family who blames her for stealing their late father’s business. She is all heartbroken and tries to find shelter in her own lover Shani’s company but fails at that too. Now she knows that she can only live her life like her sisters, as she knows that her life would only change when this society would.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan KeSapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: It is the story of two cousins, Rachna and Gunjan, who become friends. Rachana is a simple girl, while Gunjan is free spirited & fun-loving. She came from Mumbai to live with Rachana's family after her mother's death. But the former does not feel comfortable with them and misses her parents. But slowly, she starts to dwell with Rachna's family.

Sitara Jahan Ki BetiyaanSitara Jahan Ki Betiyaan: A comedy centered on SitaraJahan, a lady who single handedly raised her daughters and has faced the ruthless life on her own. Being a female and a single parent, life has always been about survival not only for herself but for her four daughters Nagina, Safina, Naeema And Farina.

Uff Yeh MohabbatUff Yeh Mohabbat: A tale of two people Sameer and Dilkash, and their lives. The serial is about their Union and separation and at the end the two unites again. The conflict rises as the two protagonists are of different natures. Sameer is a very serious and a self made man who believes in himself and takes every decision very carefully.


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